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Am I Fit Enough

Here at The Lake District Walker we love facilitating the opportunity to take people of all abilities onto the fells across the UK. Throughout the year we run hundreds of different events to meet this range of abilities and desires. Although some people get a lot of enjoyment from discovering and pushing their boundaries, the trick is for you to pick an event that genuinely suits your own level of fitness and ability, especially if it is your first ever hill walk.

If you are not fit enough there is every chance that you will not enjoy the experience, and worse it could effect the other members of the group's experience too.

Before booking an event ask yourself whether you really are capable of what it entails. Factors that need to be considered are:

  • Age: Young or Old, is your body physically up to the demand?
  • Illness and Ailments: If you have one will it withstand the demands of the event?
  • Level of Fitness: Are you generally quite active or is this the start of something new?
  • Previous Experience: Have you ever done any similar events? How did you cope? And how long ago was it?

This page has not been created to put you off an event, but more for you to make sure you choose the one that you are really going to enjoy. Please feel free to Contact Us and have a chat with one of our experienced staff members to discuss your current level of fitness and your suitability to your chosen event.

Click on this link for a few tips on Getting Hill Fit.

If you are wanting to tackle something that will push you to your limits, but don't want to feel like you will hinder the progress of a mixed group then we are always available for Private Guiding in which you can take the day at your own pace with a group you choose.