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Which Ghyll Is Best For Me?

There are a wide variety of Ghyll Scrambles available in the Lake District, some climbing up the waterfalls and some sliding and jumping down the stream. If sliding down sounds more fun to you then Stonycroft Ghyll is the one for you.

For younger families then Stickle Ghyll or Stonycroft Ghyll are good starting points. If not all the family are taking part then Stickle Ghyll can be viewed throughout from a good footpath alongside the ghyll. Sections of Church Beck and Stonycroft Ghyll can be seen from the paths but much of the action is hidden.

Church Beck is a wonderful gorge and suitable for all, for more advanced groups we may go a little higher in the gorge which may not be suitable for younger ghyll scramblers.

The Esk Gorge is the BIG ONE, there are plenty of huge jumps here, so to get the most out of this experience you should be comfortable with the idea of jumping into the water from height!

If location is important then Stonycroft Ghyll is in the northern Lake District, around 10 minutes drive from Keswick, Church Beck is in Coniston, around 20 minutes drive from Ambleside.

Stickle Ghyll is also around 20 minutes drive from Ambleside in the south of the Lake District while the Esk Gorge is in Eskdale on the western side of Lakeland, quite a drive from most places, but well worth it!