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Environmental Policy

Nearly all paths in the mountains of Great Britain have a visual impact on their surroundings. Most paths in the Lake District today are for the purpose of outdoor recreation, through the rise in popularity in fell walking this has led to excessive wear on the more popular paths.

This increase in erosion on the upland paths has lead to some very large and obtrusive scars causing unacceptable damage to the landscape.

This recent damage has led to the need to maintain the paths so that the impact of the overuse is minimised and can be maintained in an acceptable state.

We at The Lake District Walker feel that the larger 'challenge' events can have a damaging impact on our paths, therefore we have strict policies to minimise this damage from our groups and also to reduce the inconvenience to local residents by strictly limiting the group sizes for each event.

Our small group policy means that we are able to minimise the impact on the local infrastructure.

All our groups use a strict 1:8 instructor policy, meaning that all participants enjoy a safe event. As well as our instructors we also have a professional support team and this along with our first rate equipment gives high success rates in all our events.

Disturbance to the local community is always a risk with some events taking place during anti-social hours, we try to keep this to a minimum wherever possible.

With good planning and schedules we are able to minimise the inconvenience to the local communities.

We believe that the larger mass events not only have a detrimental effect on the environment but also can compromise the safety of the participants due to poor group management, this is not a problem with our events as all groups are kept to a small size and are always accompanied by a fully qualified instructor.