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Where to meet: Outside Kentmere Church
Postcode:  LA8 9JL
Grid Reference: NY 456 041 


Staverley can be easily found just off the A591 between Windermere and Kendal, turn off the A591 into the village and pass through to the centre of the village where the road to Kentmere will be signposted to the north of the road, follow this road to Kentmere.

Bus Services

There are currently no buses along the Kentmere Valley.

Stagecoach bus timetables can be viewed here

  1. Kentmere Horseshoe

    Regular Price: £25.00

    Special Price £22.00

    Distance: 20km / 12 miles
    Ascent: 1200m / 4000ft
    Duration: 8 hours
    Maximum Group Ratio: 10:1

    One of the best horseshoe walks in the Lake District, a long hard day with no exposure

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