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Where to meet: Viiewpoint Layby, Glencoe
Postcode:  PH33 6SW
Grid Reference: NN183 562 


There are two large laybys in the Glencoe Valley, we will meet at the eastern (higher) of the two.

From Fort Willaim and the west / north follow the A82 south, past the village of Glencoe and the turn off for the Glachaig Inn, continue up the hill past Loch Athtriochtan until 2 laybys are seen to the right. We will meet in the second, larger layby.

From the south / east follow the A82 through the Glencoe Valley, passing the waterfalls to the first large layby on the left of the road, we will meet here.

  1. Bidean Nam Bian from Glencoe

    Bidean Nam Bian from Glencoe


    Distance: 12km / 7.5 miles
    Ascent: 1500m / 5000ft
    Duration: 7 hours
    Maximum Group Ratio: 10:1

    A wonderful route on a wonderful mountain

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