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The Knott

The Knott

Grid Reference: NY 43709 12682
Height: 739 metres/2425 feet

"The steep western slope descending from Rampsgill Head is arrested below the summit, just as the fall is gathering impetus, by a protuberance that takes the shape of a small conical hill."

As the walker from Patterdale or Hartsop approaches the High Street ridge, near the straights of Riggindale a domed summit will loom up to their right hand side, this summit is The Knott, the path will reveal itself to skirt around the back of the summit, but the walker with energy to spare will follow the line of the wall and climb to the small summit for the splendid view west. A short walk from the summit will bring Hayeswater into view.


  1. Caudale Moor from the shores of Ullswater

    The Patterdale Horseshoe: Private Guiding

    Distance: 27km / 17 miles
    Ascent: 2100m / 6900ft
    Duration: 12 hours
    Maximum Group Ratio: 10:1

    A very challenging day walk over rough ground and plenty of summits

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