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Hartsop Above How

Hartsop Above How

Grid Reference: NY 38315 12005
Height: 580 metres/1903 feet

"There is no better place for appraising the ruggedness of the eastern crags and coves of the Fairfield group of fells."
A. Wainwright

The northeastern ridge of Hart Crag, near Fairfield, descends gently down to the Patterdale Valley, halfway along it's length is it's only summit, Hartsop above How (also known locally as Gill Crag).

The fine ridge climbs between the picturesque valleys of Deepdale to the north and Dovedale to the south and has some magnificent views of the crags below Dove Crag and Fairfield.


  1. Saint Sundays Crag from Fairfield

    Fairfield from Patterdale


    Distance: 15km / 10 miles
    Ascent: 1070m / 3500ft
    Duration: 7 hours
    Maximum Group Ratio: 10:1

    A long walk with moderate levels of exposure on the descent from Fairfield but wonderful scenery throughout

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