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Hartsop Dodd

Grid Reference: NY 41133 11855
Height: 618 metres/2028 feet

"For a few miles along the road from Patterdale to Kirkstone, Hartsop Dodd has the form of a steep sided conical hill, rising like a giant tumulus from the flat floor of the valley."

The northern ridge of Caudale Moor descends gently, over grassy slopes to the summit of Hartsop Dodd, towering above the village of Hartsop and Brothers Water in the valley below. The views from the summit of Hartsop Dodd are exceptional, particularly the view across the valley into Dovedale and south to Red Screes.

A curiosity of geography in the Hartsop Valley is that High Hartsop Dodd, across the valley is actually lower in height than Hartsop Dodd (also known as Low Hartsop Dodd), in truth the fells are named after their position in relation to the valley, High Hartsop Dodd being higher up the valley than Low Hartsop Dodd.

  1. Descending over Hartsop Dodd

    Caudale Moor from Hartsop


    Distance: 10km / 6 miles
    Ascent: 860m / 2800ft
    Duration: 5 hours
    Maximum Group Ratio: 10:1

    A steeper start and then good ridges with great views over Windermere and the High Street range

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